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Capital Hiking Club is a non-profit recreational organization


To provide the Washington, DC metropolitan area with safe, quality hiking and outdoor activities, and to promote fellowship, the sport of hiking, and love and respect for natural environments.

Our values are:

  • Safety – to ensure that all Club activities are conducted in the safest possible manner

  • Inclusion – to welcome persons interested in the sport of hiking without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, or economic circumstance

  • Accessibility – to provide hiking opportunities in the Washington, DC area, within reach by public transportation to the extent possible

  • Preservation – to promote love and respect for, and preservation of, natural environments

  • Community – to foster fellowship among those who take part in the Club's activities

  • Volunteerism – to develop a core group who support the Club by such means as leading hikes, serving on committees and the Executive Board, and assisting with other necessary tasks

  • Longevity – to employ sound management and financial principles to ensure the continued existence of the Capital Hiking Club as a going concern

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